Department of Development Studies

SL/N Event’s Title Types of Event Date Place
1 Writing a Research Proposal: Selecting a Research Topic and Conducting Literature Review Workshop February 19,2019 308 MC, DIU
2 Effective Student Mentoring and Counseling at Tertiary Level Workshop January 08, 2019 Banquet Hall, DIU
3 Sustainable Human Development and Third World Nation: An Assessment Based on HDI Report Seminar October 30, 2018 308 MC, DIU
4 Use of Moodle in a Blended Learning Workshop April 12, 2018 701 MC, DIU
5 Use of Moodle in Blended Learning Workshop February 11, 2018 712, DT, DIU
6 Inculcating Research Culture: An overview Workshop January 31, 2018 308 MC, DIU
7 Use of Google Classroom in Blended Learning Workshop September 19, 2017 Banquet Hall, DIU
8 Organize First Class at Tertiary Level Workshop September 12, 2017 Banquet Hall, DIU
9 Protecting the human rights of Bangladeshi domestic female workers working in the Gulf countries Seminar May 25, 2017 71 Milonayatan, DIU
10 Effective Use of Google Classroom in Teaching and Learning Workshop May 13, 2017 Digital Classroom, DT, DIU
11 Use of Google Classroom in a Blended Learning: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis Techniques Workshop 23-25 March, 2017 602 DT, DIU
12 KPIs of DIU i.e. how effectively engage the students in learning through Google Classroom Workshop March 02, 2017 Banquet Hall, DIU
13 KPIs of DIU i.e. how effectively engage the students in learning through Google Classroom, recording students counseling and creating an account in Google Scholar Workshop January 11, 2017 Banquet Hall, DIU

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