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Warm greetings from the Department of Development Studies (MDS), Daffodil International University.

Development Studies is a multidisciplinary subject which focuses on the economic, political and social dimensions of development policy, processes and practices. In an increasingly interconnected world, Development Studies offers an analytical framework for critical analysis and cross-cultural understanding of the major themes of development e.g. the intellectual history of development, the paradigm shifts and debates in the discipline and the contemporary cutting-edge research into development policies and practices. It covers not only local development but also global issues occurring in both the developed and developing world. Development Studies is a rigorous and critical introduction to development as a process and it facilitates superior understanding of the complexities of the geopolitical, economic, social, ethical, and cultural contexts at the local, national and international levels in which development takes place.

In this Department, we offer opportunities to build diverse and rewarding career paths in the United Nations, local and international development agencies, and government policy research, non-profit private organizations, NGOs, policy and advocacy groups, civil society organizations, and so on. A Master’s in Development Studies equips students with practical professional skills which can be applied to address the critical contemporary challenges of the 21 st  century, such as poverty, equity and social justice and to ensure sustainable development in developing countries.

I welcome you to be a part of this mission and achieve the most excellent outcomes.



Md. Fouad Hossain Sarker
Assistant Professor and Head
Department of Development Studies


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